First step taken in more awareness in EU for groundbreaking innovations

The webinar on the 9th of June was a first successful step in joining forces and working together in lobby for ground-breaking innovations in renal replacement therapy (RRT) in Europe.

At the start of the webinar a video was shown in which kidney patients from several EU member states made very clear that there is a need for improvement of their quality of life. Dialysis treatment is still costly and has poor outcomes for the social life of kidney patients. Therefore, ground-breaking innovations with substantial improvements in RRT are needed.
Coordination and collaboration are the only answer to break this deadlock in the EU. An inspiring example is the successful Kidney Health Initiative (KHI) in the USA.

Hilde Vautmans (chair of MEP Group on Kidney Health) underlined that more progress for kidney patients can and should be made. “This is not only your battle, this is also our battle”.
Tom Oostrom (Managing Director of the Dutch Kidney Foundation) concluded with a call to participants to join this lobby in the EU towards progress to give kidney patients a better life.
The webinar was a joint initiative by the Dutch Kidney Foundation, European Kidney Health Alliance (EKHA) and ERA-EDTA.